Due to the globally increasing ecological awareness regarding the industrial production process, especially with regard to the dyeing plant with more restrictions and strongly increasing restrictions, we have developed our “Green Line” concept.

The MAGEBA “Green Line” plant concept is considerably more energy efficient than our conventional plant technologies with an energy saving potential of up to 38 %. This is achieved by improving the following extremely energy-consuming components:

  • Improved drying process and waste heat utilisation in the pre-dryer Innovative steam generation concept and monitoring of steam parameters in the steam cooker
  • optimized washing process, which allows a far improved washing effect, which leads to a reduced need for washing baths
  • Improved air flow rate including “Active Fresh Air In” technology and integration of the already proven “Conred Air Purifier”.

Our MAGEBA “Green Line Plant Concept” is certified by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Chemnitz University of Technology.

The goal is not to meet the current standards and requirements, but to exceed them. Our motivation as a leading manufacturer of equipment for the narrow strip industry, but also as a regional company, is the development of revolutionary machine solutions, which are trend-setting for future ecological and economic challenges.

Since MAGEBA is always in close contact with the market and the customers, as well as with all types of network suppliers, such as chemical or dye manufacturers, we understand what the current trends are and how they will develop.