With an increasing demand for global sustainability and new technological challenges especially in the dyeing field we developed our „Green-Line-Concept.”

In comparison with our previous engineering systems the MAGEBA  „Green-Line-Concept” is more energy sufficient with an energy savings potential up to 38 %. Through improvement of the following components we were able to successfully reach the energy savings potential:

  • more efficient drying process and better heating utilization within drying systems, innovative steam generating concepts and monitoring of steam parameters
  • optimized washing process using less wash baths
  • improved air flow including “Active-Fresh-Air-In” -technology and the well-proven „Conred-Air -Treatment” unit

It is not within our deep interests to comply with current ecological standards but to go beyond. As leading product designer of the narrow fabric Industry our motivation is to create revolutionary economic and ecological machine developments.

Through our large network with all types of suppliers and close cooperation with customers we are always in the now of new upcoming trends and how they will develop.