Plates / sheets

Cutting systems
Precision und speed make the perfect cutting tool. When working with different kinds of plates the possibilities are endless. Small parts, filigree shapes and diverse typefaces are no challenge for us and will be available to you at a favourable price.

Laser cutting system TRUMPF TruLaser 5030
Model: TruLaser 5030
Source: TRUMPF Gruppe
Laser: 6 kW
Aluminium: up to 20mm
Steel: up to 20mm
Plate width: 1.500mm x 3.000mm

Flame cutting system Zinser 4025B
Model: Zinser 4025B  
Format: 4.000mm x 2.000mm
Cutting width: up to 300mm
Drive: AC-servo motors
Voltage: 400 V / 50 Cycles

Edging / Edge trimming
We specialize sheet metal forming and provide exceptional products like curved / bent which are easily produced by our folding press system. A highly developed sensor monitors the curving process and secures exact precision and quality. Max. curving width 3,000 mm.

CNC Edging with TrumaBend V 2300
Model: TrumaBend V 2300  
Press performance: 2.300 kN
Chipping length: up to 3.000 mm
Amount shafts: 5

With this edge trimming system further custom tools (window-, crease-, custom radius, and z-edging and various stamping-tools) are available as well.

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