Surface Treatment

OMSG Blasting System
This high quality blasting system allows us to blast your parts with stainless steel pearls to clean, core, trim, and smooth down or to tighten them with exact precision.

Stainless Steel Pearl Blasting
The parts go through a 5 x 5 meter large unit were they are being blasted by stainless steel pearls to achieve a matt stainless surface.

Glass Pearl Blasting
Each material goes through a blasting unit where they are blasted with microscopic glass pearls. This removes any excess and warpage material. The surface of Aluminum parts will be compressed and thus make it more stain-repellent and easy-care.
Max. parts width:  500 mm x 500 mm x 300 mm

Sand Blasting
With our sand blasting systems we remove all rust, pollution, colour, scales and other similar procedures that can affect materials.
Max. parts width:  1,500 mm x 1, 500 mm x 1,500 mm

Polishing and Finishing
This treatment – built on an entirely chemical and mechanical process – results in a perfect surface without any burrs.

Pickling  and Passivating
Another finishing technique for your parts is pickling and passivating. Through dipping the materials in pickling baths they are being removed of any rust and welding stains securing the best surface.

Cleaning and Drying
Here your parts are automatically blown and dried.
Max. Ø 700 mm

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