Spare parts service

MAGEBA spare parts in MAGEBA quality

By purchasing your MAGEBA machine you have decided on a top product in which all components are optimally matched. So you can be sure that your company’s demands on function and reliability are always met.

Spare parts guarantee the long-term use of your equipment. High quality parts are the basis for a long-standing and reliable use of machines. In order to be able to supply you with these quality spare parts, we only use first-class materials or sourcing from carefully selected suppliers.

Thus we succeed in meeting yours and our own requirements for a highly qualitative overall product. Every single part is perfectly matched to the entire design of your product.

MAGEBA original spare parts are custom-made for your textile machines.

Our service team advises you competently and supplies you quickly and on time with original spare parts. This means for you: safe production and no unnecessary downtime costs.

We offer:

  • Information about costs and delivery time
  • Express production on selected items
  • Personal advice on original equipment
  • Based on experience, we recommend spare parts concepts specially tailored to your needs.

Repair service

We repair your machine exclusively with original spare parts. The execution is done by our service team.

You are interested in MAGEBA original spare parts? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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