Dyeing and Finishing

MAGEBA dyeing machines are produced in different sizes, designed to the production requirements of our customers. Both elastic and rigid tapes of all materials can be dyed, finished and fixated in the thermosol process. Particularly noteworthy are our special developments in the field of car safety belts, load belts and lashing straps.

Our equipment is carefully designed for fast colour changes. At the same time, high performance and excellent results can be achieved.

Following a large number of tapes can be efficiently smoothed and, if necessary, effectively marbled (moiré effect). Our MAGEBA calender types are available in different types.



Depending on customer request and application type, different designs of MAGEBA calender are available.

For example, satin tapes, high-quality tapes for labels and technical tapes can be efficiently polished and provided with an effective gloss.




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